Internal Glass Balustrades

There is just one one difference between Internal and External Balustrades and that being 200mm!

The minimum height from finished floor to top of a) glass or b) handrail for an internal balustrade must comply with Building regulations which currently states that the difference between the two must be 900mm

The same applies to the External Balustrade but this being 1100mm

internal glass balustrade for stairs

They are minimum guidelines and within reason you can exceed the heights. We aim for approximately 925mm for internal heights, this allows for a future change in the floor i.e. you have a wooden floor currently and in the future you fancy a change and lay carpet over the top of the existing floor, this means the glass with still comply.

The Building regulations is also for stairs glass and glass landings, viewing areas and galleries.

Glass stair with handrail in wood

Templated and CNC glass staircase panels


Glass Balustrades (us) have a wide and diverse portfolio of both internal and external glass installations, predominantly in the South of England.

We have a great can do attitude and thats why we seem so popular with both commercial and private clients and are reused time and time again

internal glass for stairs and landing