Glass for Balustrades

Welcome to Glass Balustrades.

For general information about both internal and external glass balustrades in the UK.

So what can we find out about various glass balustrades and fixing systems from here?

Glass Balustrades offer knowledge of what to fit and how to fit it, building regulations about balustrades in glass / glass and wood / glass and metal.

We also offer:

  • Where to buy fixings
  • Where to buy toughenend glass
  • How to measure for a glass balustrade
  • how to fit a glass balustrade
  • Where to get a quote

We have broken down the blaustrades into two sections and there individual subsections.

  1. Internal Glass Balustrades to include Framed and Frameless.
  2. External Glass Balustrades also to include Framed and Frameless